kick out the jams


This week someone told me my business was like MC5!

I really can’t think of a better complement, MC5 was a proto-punk

monster that did not really fit anywhere, really when they pulled this stuff out everyone else (but Black Sabbath) was coming off of chillin with the Byrds.




Me being the guest blogger for Maria Rodale. This is kind of a big deal!

I have my Gram to thank for this. 

This book in particular was the one on her book self next to her holy bible and a dictionary and that was about it.

She had a great organic garden behind her house, she also kept a small chicken coop and canned more then any Brooklyn hipster could ever dream of.

This ones for you Gram.

Little bit of tomato and pepper R and D.


What does a tomato farmer do on his day off, well he goes to a hot pepper festival, duh!


The pepper above is called Goat Weed, I could not stop looking at it.

Some of the billion NuMex peppers in the world.



My research assistant, she is very patience as I run around the fields like a mad man.



Mennonite ladies in clad in pepper dresses and aprons, the Sartorialist missed this one for sure, but I guess he does not get to Bower PA that much.


Part of my take, I am still working thru it.

p.s. I also got 38 new tomatoes.

Tomato Time!

Lets do this!

This is a picture of one of the 411 varieties of tomato that will be hitting the markets starting, well today.

This is red peach, I have two types of this tomato in my collection, a round one and this one that is a bit flatter. This is the better by far. I ate like ten of these today.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, From today till frost my goal is to eat as many tomatoes as I can. GO!

Couver de pigeon (heart of the pigeon)


Tess’s Landrace Currant, is new for me and I love it.

Rosalita, tiny shiny pink and fruit.


If your in the Philadelphia area this weekend don’t miss us at Winterthur’s Market Sat 9-1 and Headhouse in Philly Sun from 10-2.


farmers and fishermen.

Eliot Coleman, my favorite farmer, once quoted Thor Hyerdahl’s ‘Kon-Tiki’ when he was lecturing a few years ago. “Speaking of human beings, our process has become in part an effort to complicate simplicity. Farmers and fishermen remain the only true nobility of modern society, working to feed us from the natural world we left behind. Without them, modern society with all its banks and shops and power lines and water pipes would collapse.”

A farmer fishing for crabs.



Steve an old friend who moved to Colorado came back East for a bit of relaxing and fishing.


Ready for the pot.


Chillin on the creek with some dogfish head 90 minute and an old timer about to take a header into the water.



Old bay and hot water, melt some butter and get the hammers! Done.


It is getting ugly!

I would like to thank the good people at Dogfish Head Brewery for not kicking us out!

Its Ugly!

lessons learned.

1. take vacation and travel well.

2. Fishermen and farmers are brothers.

3. Drink local beer, just not too much.