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Me being the guest blogger for Maria Rodale. This is kind of a big deal!

I have my Gram to thank for this. 

This book in particular was the one on her book self next to her holy bible and a dictionary and that was about it.

She had a great organic garden behind her house, she also kept a small chicken coop and canned more then any Brooklyn hipster could ever dream of.

This ones for you Gram.

Tomato Time!

Lets do this!

This is a picture of one of the 411 varieties of tomato that will be hitting the markets starting, well today.

This is red peach, I have two types of this tomato in my collection, a round one and this one that is a bit flatter. This is the better by far. I ate like ten of these today.

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner, From today till frost my goal is to eat as many tomatoes as I can. GO!

Couver de pigeon (heart of the pigeon)


Tess’s Landrace Currant, is new for me and I love it.

Rosalita, tiny shiny pink and fruit.


If your in the Philadelphia area this weekend don’t miss us at Winterthur’s Market Sat 9-1 and Headhouse in Philly Sun from 10-2.


What we are eating this week.

We have tons of onions and radishes this week at our markets, so what better to make then tacos.

Really just a bit of olive oil and sea salt in a pan or in a pan for 5 mins each side and these onions are amazing.

Just starting to get some heat!

Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) is a great tiny green that blows up in your mouth with an amazing lemony zesty flavor, great mixed into a salad or sandwich. Sheep sorrel is  a perennial plant here in the Piedmont and it tends to grow on thin soils like the ones that ring this stone in the meadow.

Hunter and Prey.

Heading home, we also found a great stand of mint and a ton of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) which is amazing as a salad green or made into pesto or mixed with some cream cheese to make an awesome quick dip. the flavor is mild garlic and mustard mixed. Nom Nom.

Ode to the Rodale Family.

First edition!

Pleated linen high front short and head band, this guy could have taught you more then growing food.


deep denim cuff and killer leather boots. Double digging never looked so good.

Saddle shoe in the garden? this lady owns it with the sewn in double knees and way cool modern structure behind her.

Pole beans and the cool!


Want to by buy this first edition come to happy cat farm.