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Keep the culture in agriculture!

this is for fathers day, not just my dad but his dad and his dads dad and all that come before  and have been gathered up by their grandfathers. I have been planting tons of old beans and corn this last few weeks and have been thinking  lots about what Wendell Berry says, ” who will define the slow knowledge?”

I know who, my brothers in this photo who whisper to me on the wind.

A dinner a Wedding and a nap!

A Dinner: On Saturday night Happy Cat was invited by the amazing people at Kinfolk Quarterly.

Actually I stole this photo from the awesome Amy Johnson she is so talented and full of style it makes me sick. I mean really I don’t even look bald in that photo.


Then a Wedding:

Anyone who has come to our farm stand at the Headhouse Market in Philly has meet Big D or Dalana Haas (my cousin).

And yesterday she got married and it was the best wedding I was ever at.


The groom and best men came in on mopeds.

David Big D’s market side kick, came down from Brooklyn to hang with Amy and I.

David me and Tom Culton….trouble

Then we ate, 3 food trucks outside, the best was an El Camino with 2 masked guys slanging tacos.

The Nap: little picnic action, 4 beers later 2 hour nap.

Thank you life for the great weekend.