The back end of a tomato farm

Happy Cat farm is dedicated to growing the best tomatoes ever in our pursuit of seed-to sauce agriculture. Our micro-saucery is bound to our region. Producing each small batch with the essence of the sun, the landscape and the Brandywine River, Capturing the moments of a Pennsylvania summer. We start with over 40 varietals of our own heirloom tomatoes, slow cook that with our own heirloom shallots and garlic and season to perfection with our free range herbs, add a bit of olive oil and sea salt and you don’t just have a great sauce you have a new addiction


This is the very first picture of my very first batch of sauce.


Then we moved onto Catsup, Happy Cat could not bring itself to make a ketchup so we made a Catsup with a shishito peppers.

it all starts with our tomatoes, they are sunlight trapped in seed and skin. Each batch of our catsup is made from 40+ varietals of tomatoes. thats a lot of sunlight! Mixed with our onion, celery and shishito peppers. This will change the way you think about Ketchup, excuse me Catsup!

And then there was Jam!

Happy Cat Farms very own Tomato Jam: Our small batch tomato jam is made from the best tomatoes on earth, all grown right here on Happy Cat Farm. Made with an average of 40 varietals of tomatoes per batch our slightly sweet jam pairs so well with cheese, (we have been putting it on Birchrunville’s Fat Cat). Sweetened with a bit of organic white grape juice and then cooked down and spiced with cloves, cardamon and allspice. We will not judge you if you eat the entire jar in one sitting.

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