Closer to the ground!

It’s about community,
It’s about culture,
It goes so far beyond soil,
Soils rise out of the geology, as does architecture
And people adorned in colorful culture.
What your great grand mother ate for breakfast.
The inner connections we make with people
The simple act of eating.
My philosophy on food is basically,
“I just want to eat a Wyeth painting.” That’s it, thats everything I am looking for.
Sounds crazy I know, but our clans share a region ( soil, sun, river, valleys)
and his clans great body of work is entrenched here in the Brandywine Valley.
The morning light on steamy summer day,
With its great stillness, and firm but subtle hint to the great heat that will build into the day.
Those trees,
That light.
That is what I am trying to eat.

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