farmers and fishermen.

Eliot Coleman, my favorite farmer, once quoted Thor Hyerdahl’s ‘Kon-Tiki’ when he was lecturing a few years ago. “Speaking of human beings, our process has become in part an effort to complicate simplicity. Farmers and fishermen remain the only true nobility of modern society, working to feed us from the natural world we left behind. Without them, modern society with all its banks and shops and power lines and water pipes would collapse.”

A farmer fishing for crabs.



Steve an old friend who moved to Colorado came back East for a bit of relaxing and fishing.


Ready for the pot.


Chillin on the creek with some dogfish head 90 minute and an old timer about to take a header into the water.



Old bay and hot water, melt some butter and get the hammers! Done.


It is getting ugly!

I would like to thank the good people at Dogfish Head Brewery for not kicking us out!

Its Ugly!

lessons learned.

1. take vacation and travel well.

2. Fishermen and farmers are brothers.

3. Drink local beer, just not too much.


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