What we believe in.

What we believe in.

The Power of Seed.


We are reaffirmed by seed, because we know that there is life inside of each one and the hope that knowledge brings. As we sit in our office staring out the window at bleak skies with seeds running through our fingers our souls are warmed by the myths and stories that travel through time with these seeds.

The Human Connection to Seed.



We are bound to our region and the seeds that flourish there.

The way in which seeds connect us to our fore fathers and the seeds that come from a person that held them in their hand passing along a piece of themselves.

Hard Work.



Seeds became our passion our passion became our lifestyle. This is what fuels our hard work. It keeps us humble and connects us to the earth.


Canada geese in a Flying V cut across grey skies.
Autumnal shift.
The stars, our map of who we are and where we are going, routes our journey, as new constellation cosmically dance over head.
Tree lines awash in a vivid display or reds and yellow give us pause to bask in their ephemeral beauty.
Crunch of leaves under foot.
Time to bring in the corn
Corn is one of those plants that I love just being around. I hand plant all of my corn in the ground, there is such a sacredness to it.
I love its structure and its growth pattern, its history, its diversity and spread around the globe.
For 9000 year years humans have been live with corn, from its humble mesoamerican roots as a simple grass to its not so humble monoculture gmo landscape take over.

Seed Dissemination

 Seed disseminationunnamed

The dissemination of seed, the sharing of knowledge, nothing is more human.

Cause and effect, means and ends, seed and fruit, cannot be severed; for the effect already blooms in the cause, the end preexists in the means, the fruit in the seed.

No better metaphor as the sun passes the autumnal equinox, day and night dark and light.

We try harder to spend more time outside, but find ourselves returning to the house at dark.

The end of tomato seed saving is in sight, the dry or storing crops will hold, and will go to collect them in thick flannels.

The smell of smoke returns to the air and our clothes. Everywhere around us the natural world is changing, a metaphorical display of drawing inward.
Fruit flys are replaced by yellow jackets.


Fall begins

As the rapacious orgy of summers love wains, we remember what we ate barefoot with sun on our faces and juice on our chins. Replaced now by the cooked and concentrated stored things and return of the snap of greens and roots.
Bring in
Pulling close




Wet process dry process
If the mind is clean the seeds are clean

Going inside

Eat well!

Ninja Farmer

A late summer present from a new friend in Japan.
Planning my 2016 trip there now.

Taku the owner of Mellow Habanero Hot sauce Co. at ta-nm farm near Osaka, and I have become friends sending things back and forth to each other. His Habanero Sauce has changed my taco centric life style. The best hot sauce I have ever had.
Like Taku says, “no spicy no life.”

I love the sensibility and aesthetic of things made by the Japanese, i guess that is why on our farm we only use antique american, Swiss or Japanese tools.

The back end of a tomato farm

Happy Cat farm is dedicated to growing the best tomatoes ever in our pursuit of seed-to sauce agriculture. Our micro-saucery is bound to our region. Producing each small batch with the essence of the sun, the landscape and the Brandywine River, Capturing the moments of a Pennsylvania summer. We start with over 40 varietals of our own heirloom tomatoes, slow cook that with our own heirloom shallots and garlic and season to perfection with our free range herbs, add a bit of olive oil and sea salt and you don’t just have a great sauce you have a new addiction


This is the very first picture of my very first batch of sauce.


Then we moved onto Catsup, Happy Cat could not bring itself to make a ketchup so we made a Catsup with a shishito peppers.

it all starts with our tomatoes, they are sunlight trapped in seed and skin. Each batch of our catsup is made from 40+ varietals of tomatoes. thats a lot of sunlight! Mixed with our onion, celery and shishito peppers. This will change the way you think about Ketchup, excuse me Catsup!

And then there was Jam!

Happy Cat Farms very own Tomato Jam: Our small batch tomato jam is made from the best tomatoes on earth, all grown right here on Happy Cat Farm. Made with an average of 40 varietals of tomatoes per batch our slightly sweet jam pairs so well with cheese, (we have been putting it on Birchrunville’s Fat Cat). Sweetened with a bit of organic white grape juice and then cooked down and spiced with cloves, cardamon and allspice. We will not judge you if you eat the entire jar in one sitting.

Closer to the ground!

It’s about community,
It’s about culture,
It goes so far beyond soil,
Soils rise out of the geology, as does architecture
And people adorned in colorful culture.
What your great grand mother ate for breakfast.
The inner connections we make with people
The simple act of eating.
My philosophy on food is basically,
“I just want to eat a Wyeth painting.” That’s it, thats everything I am looking for.
Sounds crazy I know, but our clans share a region ( soil, sun, river, valleys)
and his clans great body of work is entrenched here in the Brandywine Valley.
The morning light on steamy summer day,
With its great stillness, and firm but subtle hint to the great heat that will build into the day.
Those trees,
That light.
That is what I am trying to eat.